Ellen Maidman-Tanner

Executive Vice President, Member Relations at PinnacleCare

Ellen Maidman-TannerEllen joined PinnacleCare in July 2004, as Director of Business Development, and has been involved in a host of projects including the creation of PinnacleCare’s first episodic and annual Member research, diverse marketing tools, and revamping the Company’s original website. She supervised the creation of a series of educational White Papers and Guides on healthcare issues for public distribution.

As Vice President Business Development and then Vice President for Strategic Initiatives she helped manage the Company’s relationship with the Young Presidents Organization, developed selling materials for strategic partners, created and ran the Health Advisory Council, and has been instrumental in the crafting of the Company’s “mission, vision and values”, fostering PinnacleCare’s service culture. She publishes the Company’s internal news journal on a weekly basis.

Ellen assumed her current position in early 2006, when she joined PinnacleCare’s Executive Committee. The Member Relations Department is responsible for customer satisfaction, along with annual renewals, membership material fulfillment, and customer metrics and analysis. Ellen remains involved in business development initiatives throughout the Company.

Prior to joining PinnacleCare, Ellen served for several decades as a marketing and strategic planning executive within a variety of industries, including consumer goods and the legal profession. When she moved to the Washington, DC area from Toronto in 1990, she undertook work in the non-profit arena, including work for: the Canadian Embassy; a shelter serving crack-addicted homeless men; Financial Executives International, a professional association; and, just before coming to PinnacleCare, she helped found the national Organization for Autism Research (OAR), which funds applied research studies.

Ellen is a published author having written a policy paper on the privatization of Social Security and three works of fiction with her husband, Michael Tanner.