2018 Agenda

Sunday, November 4th

2:00 pm to 7:00 pm Registration
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm Welcome Reception
No Conference Dinner is Scheduled

Monday, November 5th

7:00 am to 8:30 am Registration Desk open
7:00 am to 8:30 am Networking Continental Breakfast & Exhibitor Visits
8:30 am to 11:15 am General Session

PRMA Update
PRMA will provide an update on the association’s key initiatives.

Building an A Team and Being a Boss People Love
Whitney Johnson, Speaker, Author

What’s the secret to having an engaged and productive team? It’s having a plan to develop all employees – no matter where they are on their personal learning curves. Johnson’s keynote delivers on how to become one of those bosses and how to build your A- team by:

● Identifying what your employees already know and why they need to learn
● Designing their jobs to maximize engagement and learning
● Applying a seven step process for leading each person up their learning curve

We all want opportunities to learn, experiment, and grow in our jobs. When our bosses work with us to help us leap to new challenges the result is a team that knows how to thrive no matter what the future holds.

Understanding Customers as People
Alex Genov, Zappos

The talk will introduce a new way of thinking about how companies approach understanding their users, customers, consumers, fans, followers etc. – in short, understanding the people whose lives they affect.  The new approach and mindset is applicable to companies of any size – from rebellious startups to established “captains of industry” type corporations.

The new research mindset introduced here challenge calcified assumptions about how we approach understanding customers.  These assumptions are most vividly apparent in large companies whose bureaucratic structure developed through the years establishes silos and sharp boundaries between understanding people for sales and marketing purposes versus understanding people for product design and development purposes.  Once we realize that the final object of our understanding are real people with real behaviors, emotions, motivations, goals, etc., we will recognize that our customer research has to have a common business objective and a coordinated and complementary sets of methods across the whole organization.

Insights into a successful NPS journey
Michelle Bloedorn, CEO, Member Loyalty Group
Azeema Hartley, Director of Member Benefits, PRMA

The Member Loyalty Group and PRMA are two associations with a lot in common, most notably their roots in industry-wide collaboration to better serve clients.  The Member Loyalty Group will share its ten year journey with Net Promoter Score and the instrumental role it has played in solving for common problems for its members.  The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. Whether you are a year in, about to embark on, or in the exploration phase of your own NPS journey, this session provides you with the experience gained and perspective from others who have traveled ahead.

11:30 am to 12:30 pm 1st Breakout Session– sessions to choose from to explore issues and enhance knowledge
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Lunch
1:45 pm to  2:45 pm 2nd Breakout Session – sessions to choose from to explore issues and enhance knowledge
2:45 pm to 3:00pm Break
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm Round Table Discussions – peer group discussion topics allowing participants to perfect their craft through collaboration and conversation
4:00 pm to 4:15 pm Break
4:15 pm to 5:00 pm General Session

The Hidden Risks of Art and Collectibles
Heather Becker, The Conservation Center
Colleen Boyle, Pall Mall Art Advisors
Brian Ward, Winston Art

Fakes and frauds remain prevalent when it comes to collectibles.  Gain an understanding of why and how this will continue in the marketplace and discover how conservation  plays a role.
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm Cocktail Reception and Awards Dinner

Tuesday, November 6th

8:00 am to 9:00 am Networking Continental Breakfast & Exhibitor Visits
9:00 am to 11:30 am General Session

Cafe 2020…Collaborate to spark innovation and help design a roadmap to excellence
Facilitator and Host: Andrew Crawford, Crawford Consulting

Be a part of a structured conversation amongst fellow attendees, and let the shared knowledge and insights shape the future role of the association.

11:45 am to 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Chapter Meetings, NPS Peer Group Discussion
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm Advanced Chartered Private Risk & Insurance Advisor (ACPRIA) Orientation

Break-Out Sessions

Attendance to two break-out groups on Monday:

Leveraging the Surplus Lines Market to Serve Your Clients
This session will focus on the vast capabilities of the surplus lines market to find creative solutions for your affluent clientele.  The discussion will include an overview of the Lloyds of London market and its unique operating structure. Panelist will share their expertise and perspective from their backgrounds as retail and wholesale brokers to London market underwriters and domestic surplus lines carriers.  Discussion topics will include the state of the surplus lines market and recent trends as well as the types of exposures and risks that can be handled when the standard markets are not an option. Q&A on the surplus lines market from the audience is encouraged.
William Gatewood
Heather Posner
Adam Cohen
Andrew Fowles

Navigating the intricacies of course of construction and the challenges of major renovations and rebuilding after disaster strikes
Industry veterans share insights into the complex world of builder’s risk insurance. More frequently than most personal lines clientele, HNW families often own properties which are under construction.  Whether new construction, major renovations or repairing the damage from a major loss, brokers face the challenge of providing the right coverage and right risk management guidance.  Insurance companies find homes under construction a risky proposition, creating another challenge for clients and brokers.
Topics to be discussed will include market trends, the role of risk management, the difficulties placing business and client advisor best practices.  Panelists include representatives from a global brokerage, an E&S wholesaler/MGA, Senior HNW carrier underwriter & a carrier Risk Management specialist.
Adam Tuerack
Stephen Poux
Carol Sherron
Andrew Cyran

Using Analytics to help your Agency Grow
The use of analytical techniques for improved marketing decision-making is inextricably intertwined with developments in technology that now allow for a much more complete picture of the customer via improved tracking: there is no stopping firms who know “if they can measure it, they can monetize it”. Thus, whether we like it or not, big and richer data is here to stay. This session will focus on helping agencies getting started using analytics to grow their business and more defined examples for those agencies currently using analytics.    
Chuck Cunningham
Jason Skrankt

What is Your Cyber Hygiene?
Learn from a panel of cybersecurity, risk management and insurance experts about the dangers we all face including areas such as social engineering, privacy theft, criminal cyber activity, and state-sponsored cyber-attacks.  Find out what steps you and your high net worth clients need to take to minimize the risk of loss and improve your cyber hygiene.
Michael Smerkanich
Christie Alderman
Matthew Cullina
Hillard Sterling

Understanding the Expectations and Meeting the Needs of Enterprise Families Through Building Lasting Partnerships
Family Office and Enterprise organizations look for proven advisors who demonstrate competency, chemistry, sensitivity to culture, and a collaborative approach to become a part of their advisor eco-system.  How does one find the connection with Family Office Executives and Owners?  How do the best-in-class risk managers unravel problems and create efficiencies that serve the best interest of the family?  What are the keys to building lasting relationships that forge the way to partnership and winning outcomes? Join this session to discuss the keys to building lasting partnerships.
Patience Marmer
David Hubbard
Kate Norris
Laura Sherman

Redefining the Customer Experience 
Consumer expectations are constantly changing; the ways of yesterday will not work for tomorrow. Companies, both large and small, need to quickly and continually adapt to exceed (or even meet) client demands. While a daunting challenge, there is hope. Whether through technology or even more “analog” processes, there are ways each of us can take our client experience to the next level – and there is data to show it is working.  Join this session to learn how to take the client experience to the next level.
Mary Loyal Springs

Roundtable Sessions

 Attendance to one of the six listed Roundtable discussion groups for Monday afternoon:

Agency Principals & Owners – confidential discussions among agency principals & owners about common challenges, best practices, how to maintain a constant flow of business, and the ever shrinking playing field in the insurance industry.  The golden nuggets of information that will be shared is not to be missed if your goal is to be a top performer in your segment.  Come prepared with a problem you need resolved or a success story you wish to share.


Business Continuity Planning – As risk management professionals we face a unique challenge when natural disasters, cyber attacks or civil unrest events are in front of us.   We must be ready to take care of our clients while also taking care of our businesses, employees and families.  Join this discussion on the importance of having a comprehensive playbook for different scenarios that may impact you.
Warren Barhorst
Karen Mondshine

Insurance Industry Got Talent
Join a round table discussion on key factors to recruiting, hiring and training new producers.  Facilitated by industry professionals from assessment firms, brokers and carriers on real experience in building a proactive sales force.
James Kane
Thomas Schoenfelder
John Paolini
Diane Delaney

Specialty Speed Networking  – Do you ever wish you had ALL the expertise needed to attract, service and retain clients? Who do you call when you have clients who need specialty solutions because they pursue competitive passions, invest in businesses, and travel by air, sea and/or horseback.   Join this session to network with peers and experts in private aviation, equine liability, yachting, and blended business and personal risks.  Learn the top coverage gaps and how to navigate solutions. Make expert connections in four rapid fire round-table discussions. Bring your questions and most challenging experiences with you!
Stuart Cowart
Howard Brod
Nikki Trilling
Yvonne Ocrant
Robert Kellner
Shan Rogers

Invigorate and Engage Your Team!
Sales and services teams are evolving – new talent infusion, new technology and efficiency approaches plus the expectation for all members to be agile in the face of ongoing business changes.  Join this fun session to share team building activities you can use with your own teams. This session is for team leaders, supervisors or agency managers looking for fresh and fun ideas to engage team members.
Nancy Langton
Claudia Wetteland

Women in Leadership – Career Growth –Two extremely important words.  While women still continue to face unique challenges when building their careers, we have elite women in the insurance profession that continue to excel and make a difference.  Join us this year as we discuss Diversity & Inclusion topics that are extremely relevant for women in leadership today.  Meet our distinguished panel as we learn stories to encourage and empower women who strive to be the insurance industry’s next great leaders.
Kimberlee Connell
Allegra Biery
Katherine Frattarola
Ana Robic
Coco Champagne

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