Yvonne Ocrant

An active participant in equine activities, Yvonne Ocrant uses her extensive knowledge of the industry to help professionals and amateurs, whether just starting out or high-net worth, resolve a wide range of legal matters in and out of the courtroom. She defends claims involving the Equine Activity Liability Act, as well as non-statutory claims for personal injury, property damage, breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation and various other legal issues. Yvonne also drafts equine activity liability releases, and various equine industry contracts relating to purchases, sales, leases, breeding, syndicates, commissions, and many other types of equine related agreements. The combination of Yvonne’s personal passion for horses and equine activities as a daily rider and active competitor in equestrian events, and her legal knowledge and experience in equine legal matters, drives her dedication and commitment to assisting her client’s resolve their equine related matters and avoid potential legal issues with enforceable and reliable equine industry contracts. 

Yvonne’s free initial consultations are available anytime, just call (312) 704-3080 or e-mail her at yocrant@hinshawlaw.com.

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